Entrepreneur promotes SizeUp as market research tool

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Entrepreneur.com featured a story on their front page about the Small Business Administration’s release of a tool powered by SizeUp’s technology. The piece opens by posing several questions that SizeUp answers:

“What would you do if you knew that almost all your competitors were paying less for their company’s health insurance plan than you’re paying for yours? Or that on average your competitors are generating twice the sales you are? What if you sold lawn equipment and you knew that residents in the town just across the river were spending twice as much on lawnmowers every year than your neighbors are? Might that influence where you focus your advertising efforts, or where you locate your next retail outlet?”

The article describes how SizeUp can be used to gather a wealth of industry-specific  information, all of which “can be incredibly helpful in deciding where to locate your business if you’re just starting out or expanding. It can be absolutely crucial if you’re putting together a business plan to win financial support from banks or private investors.”

Read the full article here.


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