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Great Potential of Big Data Technology for Financial Services


The article “Identifying the Great Potential of Big Data Technology” by Guillermo Torres, Manager at Axis Corporate, discusses how financial services companies have successfully identified Big Data’s potential. In one of three case studies, the article discusses that “Wells Fargo partnered with SizeUp to compare customer’s business to competitors, mapping customer´s competitors, customers and suppliers and lastly, finding the best places to target your next advertising campaign.” The live presentation of the research at the Yale Club in New York City highlights how SizeUp can be used for cross-selling bank services. To access a copy of the live presentation contact Axis Corporate.

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SizeUp Discusses Data Frontiers at Trustech in Cannes


The Trustech session on The Next Data Frontiers included a panel of experts discussing how big data and AI impact different areas of banking and business models. The session was moderated by Mark Dowds, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Trov. The panelists included Cristiano Motto, Head of Information Management Europe at BarclaysAnatalio Ubalde, CEO and Co-founder of SizeUp, David Sosna, CEO and Co-Founder of Personetics, Stefan Jorgensen, CEO of itembase.com, and Arnaud Vincent, Founder of Aviomex. The Trustech conference was held at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes on the French Riviera.

SizeUp also presented its solution for banks on the Main Stage of the Trustech conference in a separate session.

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How SizeUp helps Small Businesses Explainer Video

Watch how SizeUp helps small businesses overcome the challenges they face.

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SizeUp Wins Future of Money and Technology Startup Competition

Future_of_money_technology_logoSizeUp was selected as winner of The Future of Money & Technology Startup Competition. It will be recognized for this achievement at the Future of Money & Technology Summit on December 2nd which includes a presentation by SizeUp.

The Future of Money & Technology Summit is an annual gathering that brings together the best and brightest visionaries around money, including startups entrepreneurs, developers, press, investors, authors, service providers, and solutions providers to discuss the evolving money ecosystem in a proactive, conducive to dealmaking environment.


See the announcement of Fintech startup winners here.

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SizeUp is Global Fintech Finalist at Sibos Banking Conference


SizeUp presented at the SWIFT Sibos conference to many of the world’s leading banking executives and professionals in Singapore. SizeUp was invited to speak at the conference’s Innotribe Startup Challenge Finale and presented how banks can better serve their small business customers using SizeUp’s online services and business intelligence. The presentations, by an exclusive list of only 12 global Fintech finalists that included SizeUp, was one of the most eagerly anticipated sessions of Sibos 2015. Sibos was attended by over 7,000 financial services executives and industry leaders from around the world. As a result of SizeUp’s presentation, banks from different countries met with SizeUp team members to discuss how to implement SizeUp in the geographic markets they serve.


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Finovate Explains how Financial Institutions Increase Engagement with Small Businesses using SizeUp FI


In Finovate’s article, “SizeUp Gives FIs Business Intelligence Tools to Help Reengage Customers,” it explains that the launch of SizeUp FI (Financial Institutions) will enable financial institutions to provide their business customers with valuable business intelligence directly through the FI’s own website. This will provide greater engagement with business customers through “sticky” data services, help their customers succeed with Big Data insights they previously couldn’t afford or understand, and introduce FI’s relevant products and services at specific decision-points of the customer’s business lifecycle. The service is unique and enables financial institutions like banks, payment cards, credit unions, and accounting services to compete outside of “me too” FI business offerings.


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SizeUp Makes the List of Must-Have Tools for Data-Driven Marketers

SizeUp was recognized as a must-have tool for marketers because of the value it provides through its high quality data, insights, and analytics. The report from NG Data highlighted that:

“Data is an invaluable part of marketing, especially because companies connect with customers and engage with prospects in so many ways today. To truly connect with consumers, organizations need to make the most of their marketing strategies and campaigns, and the only way to do that is through the highest quality data, insights, and analytics available. With data-driven marketing tools, companies and organizations are able to target their audience and yield better ROI results than ever before.”

SizeUp can be found at #8 on the list of 37 Must-have tools for Data-Driven Marketers. It is included on this list with other companies such as comScore and Compete.

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