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Former SWIFT Fintech Innovation Leader joins SizeUp for International Expansion


Fabio Maffioli has joined SizeUp to expand its international presence by launching its services in additional countries in partnership with financial services enterprises. Before joining SizeUp, Fabio was Innotribe Startup Challenge Manager for SWIFT in its Belgium headquarters. The Innotribe Startup Challenge has become one of the leading global startup competitions, connecting the financial services industry with more than 650 FinTech startups around the world and reaching over 4,000 audience members through global showcases and networking events including Sibos. Fabio will work out of the new SizeUp office in London’s Canary Wharf.

You can watch Maffioli on CNBC where he discusses Fintech innovation in Africa.

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SizeUp is Global Fintech Finalist at Sibos Banking Conference


SizeUp presented at the SWIFT Sibos conference to many of the world’s leading banking executives and professionals in Singapore. SizeUp was invited to speak at the conference’s Innotribe Startup Challenge Finale and presented how banks can better serve their small business customers using SizeUp’s online services and business intelligence. The presentations, by an exclusive list of only 12 global Fintech finalists that included SizeUp, was one of the most eagerly anticipated sessions of Sibos 2015. Sibos was attended by over 7,000 financial services executives and industry leaders from around the world. As a result of SizeUp’s presentation, banks from different countries met with SizeUp team members to discuss how to implement SizeUp in the geographic markets they serve.


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SizeUp Wins Innotribe Startup Challenge Showcase


A hand-picked audience of financial services experts, angel investors, venture capitalists, and global bank decision-makers attended the New York City SWIFT Innotribe Startup Challenge Showcase and selected SizeUp as a winner“Every year we grow more impressed with the calibre of the startups and level of participation from the financial community in this region. With major financial institutions and technology companies supporting the New York showcase, it has become one of our most popular events. We congratulate the winners from the New York showcase and wish them much success at the finals at Sibos in Singapore later this year,” said Fabian Vandenreydt, Head of Markets Management, Innotribe and the SWIFT Institute at SWIFTAs a result of winning the competition, SizeUp will present on the main stage of Sibos, the premier financial services conference in the world, later this year in Singapore. Sibos brings together some 7,000 business leaders, decision makers and topic experts from a range of financial institutions, market infrastructures, multinational corporations, and technology partners. SizeUp will be joined by the other Startup Challenge winners including Hyper, Token, Payfirma, and Pendo Systems. 


Read the SWIFT Innotribe news release announcing the winners here.

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SizeUp Presents at SWIFT Innotribe Startup Challenge in New York


Ten innovative FinTech companies, including SizeUp, presented their software solutions to an exclusive audience of financial service and global banking decision-makers at the SWIFT Innotribe Startup Challenge in New York City. The ten companies were selected by over 500 judges from across the financial, technology, and investment communities, including a number of SWIFT representatives. The judges evaluated 370 worldwide startups under consideration for participation in the global program. Winning the New York City Startup Challenge results in the FinTech startup being selected to present on the main stage at Sibos in Singapore in October. 

You can watch the SizeUp presentation here:


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SizeUp Selected for the Innotribe Showcase in NYC


SizeUp was selected as one of ten early stage startups to present at the New York City Innotribe Showcase. According to the SWIFT Innotribe press release announcing the selection of the innovative startups, over 500 judges from across the financial, technology, and investment communities evaluated the companies by assessing the startups’ ability to provide an important innovation in the future of the financial industry.

“There’s a chasm between how startups and banks practice innovation, and helping our startups understand how to communicate their value propositions to SWIFT’s community helps banks quickly evaluate new technologies and models, and helps our startups identify appropriate partners and investors,” said Mike Sigal, Lead Coach of the Startup Challenge.

A hand-picked audience of financial services experts, angel investors, venture capitalists, and global bank decision-makers will attend the New York City showcase to identify the top startups.

View a world map showing the locations and names of the financial tech company presenters.


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